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Dominic & Ty

Austin Zane  is a very hot and sexy site that will bring you numerous hot updates. We aim to deliver some hot and superb scenes every week from now on. And to make our debut we have one superb scene to show off. You can always expect us to come back every week with new content, and that’s a promise everyone. So let’s get started. This fine day we present you with the sexy and horny Dominic and his buddy Ty. The two of them will engage in some gay pleasure sessions for today and you get to see the whole thing.

Dominic will be offering his big dick to Ty today and you can bet that Ty knows how to work a cock with his expert mouth. The two guys, as you can see them on also, always seem to be happy when the share a scene together and this time they were very much eager to get started and see how they could please one another. So just sit back and watch the horny Ty working on Dominic’s cock with his mouth at today. You can expect to see Dominic shoot his load inside Ty’s mouth at the end as well. And that’s about it for today everyone. We’ll see you guys next wee!


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Drake Fucks Jordan

Drake and Jordan got a bit horny after their game and wanted a rematch in the bedroom. Curious to see who won their cock sucking contest? Stay tuned! The two hunks were playing pro basket ball for different team and the other day they had a big match for the championship of course Drake team’s won it and Jordan didn’t take it so well. Drake tried to be a team player and went to talk with him to see if he was ok. He knocked on the door but he didn’t heard anything so he entered.

Jordan was a bit busy jerking off his cock to hear the door and was socked to see his buddy Drake next to him. Drake was hopping he liked dudes but never asked him to this worked out perfect for him. He helped Jordan jerk off his cock and then Jordan congratulate him properly for his win with an amazing blowjob. If you want more hot hunks in action id the place to be, because they have the sickest updates filled with naked ripped hunks that would fuck just about anything. Enjoy it!

Drake fucks Jordan

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Hurts So Good

Our hunks of the day aren’t up to no good so don’t miss them pounding one another’s ass. They were in the same fraternity when they were in college and from year to year they still keep in touch and have all kind of meeting. They want the young members to met the old ones and to create a bond between them and also show them that their fraternity actually is for life. Well these two old buddies sure missed their college nights together.

They used to stay up all night long and play with each other, the day they both came out of the closet was probably one of their happiest days. Well with this reunion happening now they wanted to remember the good days and rented a room just for the two of them. They didn’t stayed for too long at the party and returned to the hotel to hammer each other’s ass a little more. You can also check out for more college dudes pounding and blowing each other. Enjoy it!

Hurts So Good

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The Horny Buddies

Hey there! Today we have more hunks for you guys and they aren’t up to no good as you can already see. They were too horny and ended sucking off each other’s cock. They all met to watch the game together, but once they opened the tv a porn movie started and they found that more interesting then the rest. This wasn’t their first time together and each time they had a lot of fun.

Once the porn movie started they all started laughing about their friend, but no one stopped and they kept on watching it and that of course made them horny as hell. So they started having their own porn scene right there on the white living room couch. They started taking turns on sucking each other’s cock and in no time all their clothes were on the floor and they were taking turns on each other’s tools. It was such an amazing scene and these three hunks had an amazing time together. If you still want more gay fucking scenes you must check out next door buddies for the hottest hunks fucking. Enjoy!

the lost hunks

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Buddies playing with their cocks

Coming up next, a fresh new video that is going to turn you on big time. Have a look at these two incredibly hot guys and see how they are going to spend their morning. They are going to wake up in the most exciting way possible! One of them will grab the other one’s huge cock and he will start jerking it off, shoving it after that into his wide opened mouth. Have a look at him and see how hungry he is and how eager to slide that monster cock deep down his throat, taking care of each inch.

You got to see the whole action, cause it’s going to blow your mind. Get ready to see the whole scene and it will turn you on big time, for sure. You will enjoy each moment and you will be amazed by the way is this guy going to have his entire mouth filled with cum. Stay tuned to see what other things are they about to do and have fun. See also the latest gay buddies video update and it will cheer you up for sure. Enjoy!

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